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PlanSource's Polaris release added benefit salary, subscriber FSA, and changed field data to the Admin API. View changed fields in the payroll collection for bulk sets of employees. Retrieve subscriber FSA and benefit salary data in the demographic collection for singular or bulk sets of employees. Finally, password validation for subscriber creation has enhanced. This includes matching the password type to strength level. To explore the enhancements, click Learn More below.

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Payroll Deductions


PlanSource's Luna release brought enhancements to identifying Payroll Deduction changes. Utilize query parameters to filter an employee's current and previous coverage records. This eliminates the need to sift through any unwanted deductions. View recently changed fields and values from the "changed_fields" field that's listed on any deduction that has had a change. To explore the enhancements, click Learn More below.

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PlanSource's Galileo release brought an exciting collection of four endpoints to our Admin API: the ACA collection. With these four endpoints, you can now retrieve new, updated, and deleted offers and enrollees. You can retrieve this information on a single employee basis, or you can grab it in bulk to pull back multiple employees. To explore the collection of ACA endpoints (and the rest of our API collection), click Learn More below.

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