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What is the Benefits Administration API?

Empowering partners and developers to integrate with PlanSource like never before.

What Is This Service?

The PlanSource Benefits Administration API is a collection of categorized RESTful API endpoints that allow partners, brokers, organizations, and carriers to connect to PlanSource in a way like never before. Integrate with PlanSource to have data sync'd directly into your web portal and provide your employees with all of their data at their fingertips in one location. At PlanSource, we believe an integration is a joint effort as each partner is an expert in their own domain and look forward to creating a cohesive solution through our shared knowledge.

How It Works

Utilize the documentation hosted in the [reference section]( to connect to the PlanSource Benefits Administration API system. Send HTTPS requests via the available API endpoints to get/create/update broker/organization employees, dependents, payroll deductions, coverages, beneficiaries, and administrators. Integrate with PlanSource now to introduce your clients to a feature-rich and interactive experience with an integration that is out of this world.

What Are the Benefits?

Sync Anytime

Removes restrictions of a standard fixed schedule EDI data file. Sync information near real-time when it is convenient.

System of Records

Eliminate manual entry of employee data in two systems. Manage employees from a single HCM/Payroll system while PlanSource manages benefits, dependents, and beneficiaries.

Eliminate File Costs

Remove the costs associated with setup of batch files for every client.

Employee Experience

Allow employees to manage data in their profile within one system or allow them to Single Sign-On (SSO) to PlanSource directly.

What API's Are Available?


Demographic data is anything from the employee's name, birthdate, and address to their division, department, or business location. This data drives benefit eligibility and is the key to allowing PlanSource to administer your organization's benefits.

  • The HCM/Payroll system acts as the System of Record
  • Changes made in the HCM system sync employee demographic data to PlanSource for all eligible employees
  • New-hires are created within PlanSource, employee changes are updated, and terminations are captured
  • Manage all employee record changes from a single HCM system
  • Eliminates the work effort needed by an administrator to apply record changes to two systems

Payroll Deduction

Calculating payroll deductions is a constant balancing act of critical premiums, deduction codes, and always evolving laws. The PlanSource Payroll Deduction API provides a standardized format for obtaining employee deductions, their deduction lookup codes, and the associated pre-tax, post-tax, employer, and imputed income amounts that can be associated with a single benefit plan. PlanSource is an expert in business use cases and can ensure employees have the proper deductions applied.

  • PlanSource acts as System of Record for payroll deductions
  • PlanSource calculates, manages, and syncs payroll amounts for both pre-tax and post-tax deductions
  • PlanSource also calculates and provides earning amounts for employer and imputed income earnings
  • Standardized set of deduction types


The PlanSource Coverage API goes up and beyond the Payroll Deduction API by providing increased access to additional coverage data and the ability to manage the benefit data itself. Utilize the PlanSource Coverage API to provide employees an enhanced and unified benefit experience.

  • PlanSource system acts as System of Record for coverage benefits
  • Sync/Create/Update/terminate coverage and benefits
  • Obtain additional benefit information not available via the Payroll Deduction API

EOI - Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability is an application process where the employee/dependent provides health condition information to be underwritten for approval for various insurance coverages. The PlanSource EOI API allows the ability to obtain employee records that are pending EOI and also receive the decision to approve or deny once they are underwritten. Create a EOI feed and feedback loop with no manual intervention needed.

  • PlanSource acts as System of Record for employees that are pending EOI decision
  • PlanSource provides pending EOI coverage information including benefit, guaranteed issue, and requested amounts
  • Sync underwritten responses back to PlanSource to approve/deny requested volumes


Allows for management of administrator accounts for a group within PlanSource from outside the PlanSource system. Create or disable administrators remotely and manage them from your own platform.Utilize this API to achieve a unified administrator experience between multiple systems.

  • Sync HCM/Payroll administrator accounts to PlanSource without having to manage accounts in both systems
  • Manage administrator access, roles, and status of the account remotely

What Does the Future Hold?

Be sure to keep an eye on the Cosmos for upcoming discoveries!
To learn more about past or future releases, please visit [PlanSource Product Releases](

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What is the Benefits Administration API?

Empowering partners and developers to integrate with PlanSource like never before.

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